Viogners VS Rieslings @ Petit Celler

Again, another themed tasting in Petit Celler, one of my favourite wine bars in Barcelona. It has a lot to offer, due to its huge selection of wines from abroad. Petit Celler is a wine distributor borned in Central Catalonia. They were distributors of one of the most unknown region, Pla de Bages. One day, they opened a wine shop in Barcelona and that was just amazing to have all this selection so close, but also many wines from all over the world carefully selected. Maybe is not the widest wine shop in Barcelona, but for sure is one of the best selections. Staff are very friendly and ready to give you what you want.

So... moving to begginng of the year, we battled for fruity varieties this time, Viogner VS Riesling + 2 red surprises!

Long and greatful tasting last evening :) we all enjoyed this selection. Thanks to this amazing bodegas that produce such wines: We tasted: - Terrer de la creu brut nature - light and delicate cava, opens the event to produce a fresh and clean mouth ready for fruity delish. It's a new release and very affordable, good quality price. Bought for 5.50€/bottle

- Xarelo +100 #augustusbodega: Tasted in blind wine-tasting, revealed how structured and expressive xarel·lo can be, tending rather to a white grenache (or mature riesling), whereas we didn't confused with any of those as aromas were so bright. Augustus produces a microvinifications, just a few bottles of many different wines.

- Viogner #raventosdalella: Nice and young viogner, on the first stage is producing spring melody by showing a nice and kind aroma of the variety, and a bit of the terroir of Alella, what catalans call Sauló. It was created more than 5.000 years ago by eruptions under the sea creating a coastal mountain range. By centuries, sea animals shells constructed a big layer over lava stones, so now is a mix of calcareous soil and argiles.

- Basseia #vinsdetaller: Amazing oaked viogner, intense and complexe, structured but expressive, with no hints of lollypop makes Baseia one of the choices of the night. It was interesting to meet Vins the Taller weeks ago, who showed us the vineyard and had impecable care of his organic farming.

- Riesling #masrodo: Extremely oaky riesling from Penedès, evolved and structured. Oak-lovers, that's your wine.

- Ekam #castelldencus Amazing coupage, mainly Riesling with a hint of Albarinho. Fermented in stone holes in the middle of Pyrenees, expresing a pure Albarinho in nose but mouth is clearly Riesling. It keeps acidity high, so helps aging and balances its flavours.

- Garnatxa negra #augustus: It is a microvinification of Red granache, defenitely interesting to taste. Young and fruity, difers from Priorat granache as terroir is less present. Very elegant, full of red fruit and hints of crianza, is definitely a cool choice to surprise.

- Petit Pissarres #costersdelpriorat AMAZING semi-crianza red granache. We tasted it in the best moment. Full of flavors, prefect balance of minerality and fruit, and cool wood rounding its mouth.

Thanks for attending! see you next week!

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